Lock your tokens on Mainnet!

Follow the easily guided tour to lock your tokens and enhance safety towards holders on Mainnet.

1. Lock type

Select a lock type from the options that matches your requirements.

2. Lock setup

Select the tokens you want to lock, the amount of tokens and the duration of the lock.

3. Transfer tokens

Approve and confirm the token transfer to lock your tokens for the selected duration.

Share to holders

Share a link to your new lock to your holders to enhance trust in your project.

1. Select lock type

Select a how you want to lock your tokens.

2. Setup the lock

Specify amount, unlock date and a provide a title.

Pending contract type

The standard lock will simply expire on the desired date and unlock all locked tokens at once. You may create multiple locks depending on your needs.

3. Lock tokens

Transfer tokens to lock them on Mainnet mainnet.

Pending contract details

Please click to confirm terms of service Maxxploy.com accepts no liability for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material provided or published. Locked tokens are directly managed by the transaction sender and will never have any relation to the Maxxploy.com platform.

Always exclude from fees, rewards, max txn amount and other limits before locking tokens. Without excluding our locker you'll be taxed (if contract has taxes).

We don't support rebase tokens!

How to lock tokens on Mainnet?

The Maxxploy.com locker tool will easily guide you through the process of locking your tokens. We'll automatically detect wether the contract you insert is liquidity tokens or normal tokens and enables you to lock both.

How long do I have to lock my tokens?

Think of token locks as a gurantuee for your community and a safety. The longer you choose to lock your tokens the higher level of confidence people will have in your project.

But, you also need to consider the need for future token usage when locking up your tokens. Do you need tokens for CEX? Do you need tokens for staking? Or any something else? Once the tokens are locked you want be able to access them before the date of unlocked.

Can I withdrawn any locked tokens prior to the offical date?

No. Once locked no one will be able to withdrawn the tokens. You'll have to wait until the official unlock date. Therefore make absolutely sure you've entered the correct amount of tokens and the exact date you need the lock to expire.